“THE LEE EXPERIENCE” stands for Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Employment’s Development. Our organization operates with a strong belief in the “POWER OF EMPOWERMENT.”

Established in 2019, THE LEE EXPERIENCE is a life and business transformation entity through attitude changes for individuals, organizations, and corporates in the MENA region, focusing on post-conflict countries.

THE LEE EXPERIENCE’s unique business model offers comprehensive services that are interdependent for sustainable growth. We provide organizations and individuals marketing research, creative marketing, incubation for organization and entrepreneurs, apprentice, and access to financial resources—our approach is empowerment through capacity building.


Our Vision

LEE Experience is the leading empowering hub for leaders, entrepreneurs, and employees by providing access to community networks, digitalization, and services.

Our Misssion

To generate life and business transformation to corporations, organizations,
and individuals - primarily the youth and women - through tech-oriented
pillars of commercialization, empowerment, and development services in
the MENA region, mainly post-conflict areas.

Our target audience includes individuals, corporations, and organizations.

Our Road To Success
An extensive network

that includes international and local partners, and diversified pool of trainers, coaches, and field workers.

Our formula for success

Success, Results, Behavior, ACT Attitudes, Habit of Thought, Conditioning, Spaced Repetition, Goals.

Comprehensive & unique business model

offering complementary services that are interdependent for sustainable growth.

Employing the PPP approach

(Private, Public, Nonprofit organization) for sustainable developments in communities.

A success record

associations, and experience of the co-founders and the team.


Digital/Tech orientation as part of the technological evaluation

Gender equality

advancement in all our services, programs, and approaches

Environmentally conscious operations
Our Core values
Accountability is linked to an increase in commitment to work and employee morale, which leads to higher performance.
Equal opportunity
Everyone can participate freely and equally in all areas especially in the workplace.
Positive attitude
Positivity begets more positivity. And that's what makes work environment full of life and more productive!
We are able to see the potential in every situation, convey it passionately, help others see it and believe it
Learning strategies and management skills lifts effectiveness at work to get the best results.
Board Members
Manal Hassoun

UN Gender Auditor, seasoned microfinance and socio-economic development expert with more than 20 years of experience in development, microfinance advisory, capacity building, institutional strength, and consulting services to institutions and networks in several countries in the Arab Region.

Assem Kamel

Strategy and Digital Marketing expert, with more than 14 years of experience in management, microfinance, sales management, research, building capacity, online and offline marketing, and branding for diverse business models including private corporations, organizations, national and multi-national entities, FMCG, startups, and entrepreneurs in the Arab Region.