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Capacity building
for Farmers and Cooperatives

THE LEE EXPERIENCE provides technical support that aims to supply agricultural capacity building for the farmers and agricultural cooperative members, in the project “`Improving the food security and nutrition of the multi-crisis affected population through the provision of income support and livelihood restoration in Lebanon”.

In order to increase the technical capacities and fill the knowledge gap of the farmers and cooperative members in the field of agricultural production, processing, and post-production, the Training Workshops Methodology is based on a combined methodology between the ELC & the Adult Learning Principle in order to adapt to the target group profile and answer their learning and development need. The project includes:


  • 1. Curricula development for trainers and trainees in addition to exercises and pre, and post-tests.
  • 2. Provide 18 Days of training on the topics: Agri-Business Management, Agri Practice and Input, Agriculture Water Management, Composting, Organic Farming, Sustainable Plant Production, Plant Propagation and Pest Management, through our pool of certified trainers and experts in agriculture and business management.


Geographical Areas: Lebanon
Date: 2021
Donor / Client Name: LMFA - Lebanese microfinance Association funded by USAID
Contact Person: Oula Hariri
Title / Designation:  Program manager