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The project aims at empowering Lebanese fishermen’s wives in Naqoura village to work in the aquaculture sector in the post-harvesting process in collaboration with the Municipality of Naqoura to empower women to increase access to the economic cycle and help their families during crises through:

  • 1. Providing needed empowerment tools for women leadership and women in business, and business management through capacity-building workshops by Certified trainers.
  • 2. Provide vocational training in Food Safety, GHP/GMP (good hygiene practices and good manufacturing practices) Fish storage, and BAP (best aquaculture practices)
  • 3. Provision of financial support through grants equipment for the post-harvesting cycle.
  • 4. Enhancing productivity and planning through IDP sessions – individual development plan for each beneficiary....

Geographical Areas: South- Lebanon
Date: 2022
Donor / Client Name: UNIFIL
Contact Person: Habib Aziz
Title / Designation:  Associate Civil Affairs Officer