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Creating job opportunities and economic empowerment of women through social enterprises

The program aims to women (direct beneficiaries) in socio-economic development in order to strengthen their personal capacities and capabilities facing the current financial crisis and to extend this support to their families and local communities (indirect beneficiaries) in the short term and to be prepared for a more prosperous future through:

  • 1. Creating their social enterprises workshop of sewing.
    - Vocational Training in sewing.
    - Provision of Grant equipment for the workshop.
    - Capacity building to Overcome their financial stress and resolve their finances by gaining a vocational technical skill in hand.
  • 2. Marketing & E-commerce support, E-marketing, Access to the market, networking, sales training, and coaching through the LEE business clinic.
  • 3. Being properly prepared to manage risks and face a negative event, by strengthening capacities and capabilities facing crisis and self-sustain. - Build a business community to have maximum benefit for the village and women by creating Jobs for women.

Geographical Areas: South Lebanon
Date: 2021
Donor / Client Name: UNIFIL
Contact Person: Victoria Abboud
Title / Designation:  Associate Civil Affairs Officer