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Promoting entrepreneurship and start-up development
in the agriculture and agro-food sectors under Prospects partners
that includes a consortium of 5 UN agencies ILO, IFC, UNICEF, UNHCR, and world bank,
funded by the Netherlands government.

This program provides support for agriculture and agro-food start-ups and social enterprises to reach their goals in order to build improved access to technical training and improved access to Knowledge, skills, access market, access to financial support, access to employment services, and job opportunities. In addition to encouraging youth’s involvement in building their future and response to multiple country crises and challenges and introducing digital means for crisis management, efficiency, and tech-friendly approach. The project includes:

  • 1. Promoting entrepreneurship by providing entrepreneurs and social enterprises through ILO curricula " My First Business" from ideation to feasibility study.
  • 2. Managing graduation cycles for startups and SMEs including, training, mentorship, business competition, financial education, Seed fund, agriculture support, Marketing, brand identity support, and export readiness.
  • 3. Develop a Tech business community for startups and SMEs including fintech services through Mobile Apps Zowada that include e-commerce, e-learning, job seeking, e-mentoring, and crowdfunding.
  • 4. Organize YAM Networking events “Youth Agri market” that help beneficiaries exchange experiences with experts and peers, product display, networking, and sales experience.
  • 5. Providing post-training support through the LEE Experience’s “Business Clinic” where the beneficiaries benefited from individual coaching & mentoring with experts in financial management related to the agriculture sector and marketing & digital Marketing expert with an extensive experience in vulnerable socio-economic contexts, as well as with agriculture & food engineers covering the various possible sub-sectors and business management experts with a sound experience of early businesses launching stages.
  • 6. Digital media hub support for entrepreneurs from brand identity, packaging and labeling, advertising strategy, social media assets creation, digital boot camps, and social media campaigns.

Geographical Areas: in North Lebanon, Akkar, and Beqaa
Date: 2020 - 2022
Donor / Client Name: ILO Regional Office for Arab States
Contact Person: Mr. Rayan Koudeih
Title / Designation: SME technical officer

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Food Processing

Agritech Sectors