Our diverse and internationally certified pool of mentors, coaches, and experts from national and international entities will offer ongoing mentoring to our audience to maximize their life & business potential.

The LEE Experience is a licensed provider by LMI America (Leadership Management International) for the Total Leader Programs of Mentorship in the MENA region 

Our Total Leader programs equipped by Attitude Change tools that focus on spaced repetition and positive conditioning. The curriculars include multi-sensor techniques that are four to eight months of group and individual mentorship, including reading, listening, writing, and discussions. “Truly, effective leadership development is a continuous, ongoing process.”

“Truly, effective leadership development is a continuous, ongoing process.”

LMI’s Leadership for Women program is designed to help you overcome past conditioning, redefine your self-restrictions and enrich your self-concept as a leader.

LMI's Effective Personal Productivity ® (EPP) addresses the gap between current performance and the future potential of people.

Good physical and mental health, the achievement of your goals, and your determination to be a champion at whatever you do are dreams you make come true.