THE LEE EXPERIENCE provides marketing research services. With our highly experienced team in research design, data collection, and advanced data analysis and reporting.

Our Capacity Building Services include

specializes in supporting the microfinance and micro-enterprise sector.

Our clients are mainly: Microfinance institutions and their networks, Consultancy firms, banks, ministries…

Improve your communication skills, networking strategies, and team-building techniques all while exploring the world of entrepreneurship. Our unique model will help you mold all ideas into a strong business plan.

Strong enterprises and staff leadership are essential to truly thrive.

Encouraging entrepreneurship and job creation are key to achieving the SDGs. What are we really need is to improve working conditions for women and men who are employed but not earning enough to lift themselves and their families out of poverty.

Our Business Technical Assistance Services include

Good Project management is to achieve all of the project goals by meeting success criteria at a specified time

it is the process of employing people, training them, developing policies relating to the workplace, and developing strategies to retain employees.

Means ‘’Fast Moving Consumer Goods’’ is based on the following values:

•           Employee orientation

•           Excellence in execution

•           Innovation

•           Value partner

From a startup to a large corporation, develop your business by overseeing online marketing strategies

The process of strategic management entails:

•           Specifying the organization’s mission, vision, and objectives

•           Developing policies and plans

•           Allocating resources for implementation

We define it as the combination of methodologies and metrics used to optimize the outcomes necessary and achieve organizational goals and objectives.

We help you to plan, organize and control all marketing strategies and policies.

Provide a better customer service and handle all your client's complaints to evaluate them systematically and professionally.