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Gender-sensitive business support services to MSMEs and entrepreneurs
under the Productive Sectors Development Programme -PSDP
consortium of 6 UN agencies UNDP, UNIDO, ILO, UNWOMEN, FAO, UNICEF
and funded by the Canadian government.

In the framework of “The Productive Sectors Development Programme (PSDP)”, ILO in partnership with the LEE Experience is implementing a project based on the “Women Do Business” Program in order to improve the capacity of women farmers, women-led cooperatives, and women-led micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), as well as male-led entities in productive sectors to create and sustain gender-equitable job opportunities and adopt environmentally sustainable practices. The project includes:

  • 1. Provision of Capacity building for potential entrepreneurs (start-ups) and existing businesses (MSMEs) in the North & Akkar area covering: young start-ups, home-based businesses, and solopreneurs on business ideation, entrepreneurship, financial management, risk, and crisis management, Marketing and digital marketing and feasibility studies in the sectors of nuts, fruits, and vegetables.
  • 2. Providing post-training support through the LEE Experience’s “Business Clinic” where the 100 beneficiaries benefitted from individual coaching & mentoring with experts in financial management related to the agriculture sector and marketing & digital Marketing expert with an extensive experience in vulnerable socio-economic contexts, as well as with agriculture & food engineers covering the various possible sub-sectors and business management experts with a sound experience of early businesses launching stages.
  • 3. Provision of Financial support for women-led businesses with Seed Fund to start and improve their businesses and create\ sustain jobs through business competition events.

Geographical Areas: North Lebanon and Akkar
Date: 2022-2023
Donor / Client Name: LO Regional Office for Arab States
Contact Person: Mr. Rami El Hassan
Title / Designation:  Project Coordinator